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I need some hotstuff!!! :P

Thursday, July 30, 2009


headache+flu+fever+caugh+sore throat
im not going to school and
saujana tuition center for today n tomorrow..
juz stay at home and get a rest..
i miss my desk,my chair,my class,
my teacher,my locker,n my friends
soooo much..
tah ap la yg tjadi di sekolah tuh smnjak ak x de..
oh yaa!
im not talking too much fo today
juz keep silent at my room and sleep.eat n sleep again.
kalo ad kakak best jgk..
eh i saw at farahin blog juz now..
she wrote at her post today :
haha.ada org gila wt gmba ni.wekkk.
arini suruh kwn BOBO says hye dkt dye.woof2!2jela. mls nak cte.bye
**btw.afiqah!get well soon.
terharu noh..
thnx polar, i noe dat u re missing me!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


hey yaw!
skipping school fo diz day..
im not fellin' well..
hot fever..

27th July 2009




Sunday, July 26, 2009

25th July 2009

i would like to wish for my beloved mum


I send to you warm wishes,that ur happiness will
be as wounderful as the happiness
you have always given me..



*sayang mak sgt2..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Life's Highs

1. Laughing hysterically
2. Dancing my heart out
3. Star gazing
4. Shopping
5. Going to the beach
6. Listening to the rain
7. Ice-cream on a hot day
8. Feeling wanted
9. Getting that warm, fuzzy feeling when im think about the one i love
10. Receiving text messages
11. Personal jokes
12. Compliments
13. Late night phone calls
14. Hugs
15. Kisses
16. Knowing someone missing me
17. Knowing someone is thinking of me
18. Good dreams
19. Skipping school for a day
20. Lying on the grass starring into the sky
21. Going up to the snow
22. Jumping into a warm bed on a cold night
23. Seeing my guys name on my mobile when it rings
24. Talking for hours about absolutely nothing
25. Looking back on the laughs
26. Receiving presents
27. Giving presents
28. Birthdays
29. Air conditioning when it's hot
30. Being full of energy
31. Seeing my boyfriend
32. Watching someone do something stupid, and them thinking no one saw
33. Nice smelling perfume/cologne/deodorant
34. Good hair days
35. Turning on the radio to hear that my favourite song is being played
36. Running into an old friend
37. Strolling along the pier at night
38. Finding $5 on the ground
39. Being home alone
40. Reading a good magazine
41. Sun baking
42. Sleeping
43. Watching the sun come up
44. Seeing a shooting star
45. Waking up to find the person i love in my arms
46. Weekends
47. Holidays
48. Jumping on a trampoline
49. Sitting infront on the fire on a cold evening
50. Smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
51. Singing into your hairbrush in your room
52. Bubble baths
53. Turning up your sterio as loud as it will go
54. Being so happy it makes you cry
55. Summer
56. Finally completing somthing im started a long time ago
57. Achieving a long time goal
58. Warm nights
59. Falling in love

Monday, July 20, 2009


sory to say diz but i have 2...
i hate u n**i*h bt z**ar**....
*i really appreciate all the moments that we hve been shared together..
n thnks thnks thnks fo evrything u hve done since were been close n till right now.
i will nver forget that..
p/s:-im not mentioned her name cz i know that she know im was talking bout her now..
n hope so that u know who u r la kan!!!
i dont care if she read diz post..
kerana itu mmg tujuannya...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


they come,they go..
but somehow they are sooo DAMN IRRITATING..
so how can we tell them to stop acting like a slut??
*yeah fitri,u're right...n fo sure i agree with u...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


im quite lazy to update my blog..
n im in supermassive lazy to myspace-ing too..
myb i need to pay more attention on study..
SPM will coming soon..
aha,and i'm a SPM victim..
"fyka,juz shhhut up n study oke!!"
sory,fo all reader..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You're the Best!
Well,i've done read diz novel till chap 6...huuhu.. hve 8 chap left... hehe... so far, it was a very superb english novel that i've read..(lgpon this was the first one kot novel english yg ak pnah bce...haha)..uhh ya,si kembar teach me many word fo today..then they borrowed me their BESTA.. haha.. thnx dear...
Eh,early morning,mase tgh jln nk g skowla da jupe mel..
polar tido umah mel smlam..then they hve to walk about half way to school..haha..polar merungt uh...
sbarla polar t kurus ckit..haha...
After assembly,ad meeting kt blik gerakan..Pn.Julia n Pn.Rohaiza talked bout kem n stuff...uhhh...actly,im very lazy nohhh...but i've too..then,during meeting ckgu bg skeping kertas utk di isikn komen2 ttg kem tuh..so,i juz let my pen hovered over the paper...tah pape tah ak carut2 kt situ...ak komen mcm2..haha....
OMG,here the story goes,lpas sume org antar kertas tuh,ckgu pilih yg mane 1 ckgu brminat nk bce...ooopss..
GUESS WHAT???really bad fo me...kertas yg terpilih tuh kertas ak laa.....huhhhhh..dala ak bnyak kutuk2 program tuh..ishh..thnx god,nsib bek ak x tulis name kt paper tuh..haha..eh btw,rmi bdk sokong ape yg ak tulis tuh..mkanan x sedap n kotor then,mood chegu tuh x bek..haha..tp,menyesal pulak nohhh..*sorry chegu!!bhahaha...
Kemudian,balik ke kelas dan blaja sperti biasa...ad late class la pulok..duhhhh!
Yeah,its tyme to back home...pulang...pulang bersama rakan2...haha...
arrived home around 3.30 and started reading de novel n blogging..haha
*ouhhh...ive done in chap 8..6 chap left..lets countdown..haha

Monday, July 13, 2009

the new GEDIKK...

this my new bestie ADAMARIFF..haha..
dialog: "hey,thnks kawan.."

You're the Best!

im obsessively love these novel...

Friends can make ur day-or break ur heart!

This fantastic collection of 4teen stories addresses

many different kind of friendship-

good,bad,and everything in between...


p/s:- thnks melissa fo the great novel..


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hey..im learning..




Geng Bas Sekolah..

*maaf video agk bising..sila kuatkn volume anda...hehe..



Saturday, July 11, 2009

aha...its funny..

Jijal owh jijal...

This is Mifzal b.Mazlan
we've known each other for only about one year..
but we're very close..
incredible kan?hahah..
so for this posting i wanna talk about him..
i can't never get enough,
i miss those times when we used to hang out
and share many things together
we watched movie,
played guitar and sang the song that we like together
n many more la we did kan..?hahah..
i can't wait for him to get back here.
last time i met him was before
he went back to his boarding school in johor
so i hope this time when he come back
he'll be here for any longer
so that we can spend more times together again
there's so many things i can't forget about him
i even remember when we used to talk on
the phone for hours and laugh together
until tears came running down our eyes.. ahaks3
eventhough it all was happened for many months back
I could never stop thinking about it.
Not even a second.
You see, he's a great guy
& I don't want to lose a person like him.
He's the best damn person that appear in my life,
I'm glad to say that.
He's always be a good listener to me,
although he doesn't really help that much
but he's always good at giving advices
& keeping me cool down.
and it's enough to make me smile again..
Thank you so much
for all the things that you've done for me, Jijal.
I will never forget your deeds
& I will always love you like I do now.
Trust me on this :-) HAHAHA
Well I guess that's all I wanna say,
there's more to tell in here
but Iet me keep the rest as my own privacy hehe :-/
Take care guys..
p/s : jijal actually i put a lot of your pics here
on purpose just to make u feel shy
or embarasse...
hahahahaha just kidding laa..

Ini Superb..!!

juz finished watch diz movie..
ya..yaaa..it was superb duhhh..
rase mcm nak tgk lg la..


Friday, July 10, 2009


1.Kekasih saya adalah :
-i wish A(a) could be mine.

mendengar :
- lagu di blog sy sendiri..cheh..

3. Mungkin saya patut :
- FOCUS to study

4. Saya baru sudah :
- erm meng-on9..

5. Beza rakan, sahabat, kawan :
- dr segi ejaan..mungkin..bhahaha..

6. Saya tidak faham :
- subjek fizik,kimia&add math.sgt susah!

7. Saya perlu mencari:
- tissue...(kne flu uhh...)

8. Ayat terakhir yang dikatakan kepada saya :
- "fyka ptg nie x yah g skowla..hahah"

9. Makna kehidupan :
- when we our dream come true..!

11. Saya paling suka :
- music,phone,money

12. Saya akan cuba :
-make my parents proud of me.

13. Mengapa rakyat Malaysia suka menggunakan LAH di akhir ayat mereka :
- mybe sbb dorg ad pnyakit LELAH.haha.

14. Telefon bimbit saya :
- sony ericsson.k660i

15. Katil saya :
-queen size.

16. Soalan yang bagi saya tidak perlu ditanya :
-"eh,apsal ko pki cmin mate???"

17. Teknologi adalah :
- sesuatu yg canggih pd masa kini..(mcm ksut canggih..hehe)

18. Bagaimana saya boleh memasak masakan yang saya paling pandai masak :
- tgk mama msk..

19. Semalam :
- program spm under PN.JULIA.then balik tu pg tusen.

20. Hari ini ;
- program spm lg..BEST2!!thnx PN.JULIA.(erk...)

21. Malam ini saya akan :
- ym-ing.(kowt.)

22. Esok pula saya akan :
- ke library shah alam.(perhaps)

23. Saya betul2 inginkan :
- 10a1 dlm spm.

24. Badminton atau futsal? :
- bla bling.aha.(eh,xde dlam list..hehe)

25. Karaoke :
-bila perlu..hahaha

26. Kereta :
- honda jazz.suzuki swift.

27. Bilik yang terang atau gelap :
- gelap la woii!

28. Makanan jepun adalah :
- shushi..tp da jrg makan sbb da lme x bli..haha

29. Ayat terakhir yang nak anda katakan pada seseorang :
- "erk,diamlah kaw!!"

30. Siapa yang anda tag :


LAZY to update la...
plus,im havin problem wif my broadband...duhhhhh...!!!
sorry fo now...
gonna come back soon wif all de story&gowsip-piss..

p/s:-love u all...muaksss...
hey hoo....