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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jijal owh jijal...

This is Mifzal b.Mazlan
we've known each other for only about one year..
but we're very close..
incredible kan?hahah..
so for this posting i wanna talk about him..
i can't never get enough,
i miss those times when we used to hang out
and share many things together
we watched movie,
played guitar and sang the song that we like together
n many more la we did kan..?hahah..
i can't wait for him to get back here.
last time i met him was before
he went back to his boarding school in johor
so i hope this time when he come back
he'll be here for any longer
so that we can spend more times together again
there's so many things i can't forget about him
i even remember when we used to talk on
the phone for hours and laugh together
until tears came running down our eyes.. ahaks3
eventhough it all was happened for many months back
I could never stop thinking about it.
Not even a second.
You see, he's a great guy
& I don't want to lose a person like him.
He's the best damn person that appear in my life,
I'm glad to say that.
He's always be a good listener to me,
although he doesn't really help that much
but he's always good at giving advices
& keeping me cool down.
and it's enough to make me smile again..
Thank you so much
for all the things that you've done for me, Jijal.
I will never forget your deeds
& I will always love you like I do now.
Trust me on this :-) HAHAHA
Well I guess that's all I wanna say,
there's more to tell in here
but Iet me keep the rest as my own privacy hehe :-/
Take care guys..
p/s : jijal actually i put a lot of your pics here
on purpose just to make u feel shy
or embarasse...
hahahahaha just kidding laa..

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