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Monday, August 24, 2009

nahh.read this dude!

One, let's just pretend i have it. what if your ex said these to you :

1. Hi how are ya?
-I'm supergreat,without you.

2. Hey! You wanna go to the mall?
-yesss.sure.u belanja!

3. I LOVE U..
ohhh yeke?sooo??

4. DO u want some cookies?
-sure.kalo famous amous punye!haha

5.Can you take me a picture?
-ohhh,im bad in photographer!(fake)haha

6.Help me in my homework!
-werkkkk!buat la sendiri kalo x smpi ble u nk pndai!!!

7. Here's my gift to you...
-ohhh.thnx ya!

8. Let's just be textmates
-suree.kalo u e-reload kn rm10 everyday!

9. Do you want me to buy you an ipod?
-Aww serious? okey!i want it 10!haha

10.Let's sit together in the bus
-Jom kalo bdan u x berbau!hee

11. Hi baby
-haaa?sjak ble i jdi ank u?

12. Your still cute!
-sememangnya.i always cute!u je yg buta!

13.I still LOVE you!
-aha?awww,do i care??

14.Can I visit your house?
-sure.kalo ad openhouse!

15.Do you love me?
-huhh.*sigh. NOPE!

haha.here's my answer fo ur question!!amek kaw!

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