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Friday, August 14, 2009

new post!

sejujurnya,im very tired wif dis site.boring nk mampos la.hehehe..pernah terfikir nk berhenti menulis blog.tp rasanye mcm sia2 je menaip post yg lepasand wat blog selama nie.last2 nk giv up pulak.ish,such a waste!! kan?kan?kan?so nk atau xnk ,ak kene jgk teruskan menulis blog ak nih.hehehe.

basicly,i am in the middle of obsession right now.even SPM just around the corner but i'm still enjoying myself by reading novels. haha.gosh!fyka ble la kaw nk sedar!duhhh. So as i was saying,i already finished "YOU'RE THE BEST" by Belinda Hollyer. And guess what.this novel was superb!!rawww.haha.sumpah ta tipu!hehehe

And now,im currently reading "IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW" by Cecelia Ahern.Im in the half way to finish it.So far,the book was AWESOME.hehe.I would like to say thanks again Melissa Abdullah fo the great novel.hee.lepas nie mel da bole bukak bookshop sendiri.theee.ILY kawan!!so untill now kot.till we meet again at the next post.



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