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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Thursday.27th August.
have a wonderful
we went to desa.
haha.its fun babe.
we've spent
our time together .
gahh.let me tell u
some random things
happened there.hee.
we've studying,
running in the rain,
laughing non-stop,
and so mush more.
then,we planned
to buka puasa
together at rumah
kaca.then its cancelled
because we did not
tell our parents yet.haha
mybe next tyme..
after we finish
our trial.huhh.
at 5.30pm.
farahin asked madan
to send her at
pusat tusyen ariff.
ouhh.it was raining.
so we've running
to get into the car
in the rain till
our clothes becomes
wet.haha.yes i do.
im hepy with them.
we've laughing till
tears running out
from our eyes!haha.
gahhh!after sending
farahin,now we're
going to pusat
tusyen saujana.
ouh.seriusly im
not comfortable
with my cloths.
my tracks are
soo wet..ouhhh.
im feelin soo cold.
plus,im sitting
in front of air-cond.
me,mel and lynda
starts trembling..
haha.till 7.00pm
we're goin back home.
hve 20mins left before
buka puasa.yeay!!
we're planning to
spend our tyme
again fo tommorow!
till now.im goin
to stop!

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