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Sunday, September 6, 2009

awww!!!im shopaholic..

i've brought a lots of stuff last day.
haha.i went to sunway pyramid with yanie and lyna
and we spend a lots of money there!haha
then we've goin to laksa shack for buka puasa..
ohh yaa,ktorg jumpa artist mana tah.
seriously his gf looks sooo annoyed.
jeling2 sana sini!
bangga la tu ad bf artist kan!!
hah,lantak kaw la wei!!
oke then after finished our food
we've went to bus stop and get a taxi
im arrived home about 9.30 pm.

-my new skinny jeans from voir.
*kakak comment sikit

-new shirt from dazzling

-here's my dazzling hand made t-shirt.
*ohh yanie dun be jelez!!haha
-my new bju kotak2.haha
*lynda,bwk brsabar!hee

-from lolipop.
*lyna,i noe u want it..grrr its pretty!!haa

-ohh i love this dress!
its from orange.

-all de stuff.
ohh yaa,look at the top of this pic
thats my new bag
from slick n' quick!


Anonymous said...

x nampak pape ponn..
owg nanak tgk brand die laa..
owg nak tgk whole pic suar tu..
adekku ini..
nway buat betol2 for this trial n spm nnt k..
insyaAllah u can do it..
jgn maen2 lg..
start fighting from now..
stop blogging, myspace n etc yg not related to study for a while..
kejap je..
pas abes spm nnt nak on9 24 hours pon xpe..
most important,
doa byk2 n jgn tggl solat..
we always pray for u my dear..

p/s: bebel kejap..hihihi.. :p

•fyquea• said...

haha.ohh sory kakak silap upload pixchas laa.
thnx fo de bebelan!haha.
yess i will do my best fo it sis.
wish me the best..
i love u sis!!!muuahh!