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Sunday, September 13, 2009

long post andd longgg confession

12th September 2009

oke..its 10.10 pm now and i still cant sleep.ohh .
i cant describe how i feel ryte now.. duhhh!
im felt lyke my life goes to be miserable..
i've tried to stop think bout it but i can't.. huh!!
ouh yaa. today when im surf the web and on9 my myspace

i've founded sumthing thats makes my emotionally disturbed..
haha. its sound jerk but its true!!
when im open adam's page on myspace
i saw these words on his general side.

"Dear boochook(fyka)!!haha.how can I let you know that Im really want you to be here beside me.Im currently suck without you..I know that you've been busy with your studying..so I will not disturb you.how i wish when you've been reading dis ridiculous words,you will text me like before.I do miss all our precious moments together..yess its true..sincerely imysm!!!and I also...."

oke im copying this from his profile..
actly im just copy a lil bit of it.. haha..
when i've read this,my first reaction is.
'erkk?is that fo me??really?ohh..terharu!!"
then im laughing hysterically! hahahaha..
its kinda funny! ryte?
but honestly im appreciate it dear..hee :D thnx!! ngee~

oke adam's so now,here from me

"Dear mashamm..im really sory for ignore u..
i didn't mean it..i hope u understand wht i feel..
i need to concentrate on my studies..
as i told you before,trial is begin..
so i hve to be more serious on it and stop blogging,
myspace-ing,ym-ing,msg-ing and stuff..
but i promise you it wont be too long..
as you wish i will text you A.S.A.P
so that you can learn more Bahasa Melayu with me and
i also can learn more English Language with u..
not even that,we also can share all our stories lyke before..
i promise you..and yeah lastly i miss you too mashamm..yess i do!"

mybe sum of u think that this post are too ridiculous.. haha..
but im really sure that this post
will give a super massive meaning to him..
i hope he will read this post.
owh gtg..
im going to sleep..zzzz.

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