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Friday, September 25, 2009

Syawal's Story

This year we celebrated Syawal in a very simple way..
we didn't goin back to kampung as we did every year before cz my sister and i
gonna have a big xmination + abah have no longer leave for hari raya..
so,we didn't snap much pictures..
here a lil bit story before hari raya and during hari raya to share wif you guys..

A Day Before Hari Raya

We made some cookies for hari raya..here's the pics of cookies that we made..is it looking nice and yummy??haha.

-pineapple tarts baked in oven

-it's ready to eat..yummy2!

-my favorite choc chips cookies..
aww..its awesome..haha

-Special made by my mama..
Dahlia Cookies..


not to forget

we also made cupcakes!!!

wanna look the whole cupcakes after it ready made???
wait for the next story..
haha..kasi suspen sikit..:D

During Hari Raya.

At the morning we,the whole family went to masjid for Sembahyang Sunat Hari Raya..
After that,we prepared the foods and stomach to eat..hahaha..ohh yaa..mama cooked rendang ayam,rendang daging mix with hati and paru,nasi impit,ketupat pulut and curry mee..
There's so much food eventhough not much people here..haha.
Luckily,my aunt from Perak came here to celebrate hari raya with us this year.haha.thnks aunt!!
So,it became merrier after we combined her whole family with us..
Abah's friends and near neighbours also came 'beraya' with us..haha..
haaaa!!wanna look our whole pics of cupcakes as I mentioned before??
scroll down...quick2!!hee..

-look!!theres our name!hee..
Fyka and Tira..

-im quite excited to show you all
since this is our first try to make cupcakes..
it might not looks really nice but the taste not really bad tau..
amacam,bole jual tak?? ;D

So,thats all for my Syawal's Story..
Even we celebrated it in a very simple way,we still had so much fun and hepy..
ohh I'm gonna off now.till we meet again in the next post..thee..

p/s: Im not uploaded our family pictures on hari raya cz not all fmly members are there..
to be fair so better i juz put my homemede cookies and cupcakes pics..
fair n square rite??haha..


ayan & mama said...

hey!pretty cupcakes!kat dalam tu kek apa?

•fyquea• said...

sponge cake.