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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Got to Keep Trying..

hey hoo..


ouh NOOO (!)
i've got goosebumps whenever i heard those three stupid initials.hehe
anyway,SPM is just next week.
its abt 4 days left.whoa!!
i knw i should be reading books and studying my Ass off by nw.
ouh,terrified to the max (!)
just hoping that i can ace good grades this time.

cant help to think abt my super-sweet future i'll be living after SPM.
well,its actually those period of time between after SPM and before my result.
after knowing my result,my dreams will be totally shatter!
trust me,i know better.hahah
oh gotta go.
my eyes shut by nw.
*Cheers peeps :P

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