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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hoping that its just a Beautiful Nightmare

Hey hye hello..

Today don’t have an examination. So I’m just stay at home and doing some random stuff. Actly, I’m already done with my Engineering Tech paper last Monday. So far it goes well. Hopefully I can get a high grades for this time. And now I think I should be relax and starts doing some revision and make a preparation at this night for my physic paper on this Thursday. Gahh. I can’t wait to finishing my SPM and starts to packing all my high school stuff into the box or I can just throw it into the dustbin. I think it’s the simple way to forget all the things about my super messy school right?haha.

Ohh yaa , I don’t know why but suddenly I’m starts thinking about my last night nightmare. Ohh I can’t even stop myself to think about that again and again. HELPPPP!! It’s makes me feel like want to shout-out-loud. Jyeah, I never felt like this before. I’m so terrified. And now I’m thinking that “What should I do as if this nightmare will become reality??” and “How I can faces all these trouble alone?Without nobody and anybody?” Ohh nooo. This is cannot happen to me because I know I don’t have a strength to through all this ALONE and again “ALONE”. Gahh, I know I’m always over think thing. Ohh god, please don’t take him from me. I need him because he will give me a strength to walk along this criss-crossing road. I know I can’t stand without him. Even for a second. How I wish he will know about this (I never mention to him before)hehe.

And again I’m still thinking about the nightmare, about him, about the text, about the words and etc. I don’t know how to tell you because I only remember a little bit of it which is his mum comes and obstruct us to meet each other(I can’t remember what she’s said)haha. Then he text me and he apologise about that, then he said if we’re meant to be together his mum can’t stop us but if we’re not meant to be together he will let me go and find another guy that more wise than him and can protect me like he do(eww..such a amused right?)haha. The tear starts rolling out from my eyes drop by drop. When I awake from the bed I feel that the tear is rolling out from my eyes just like in my dream. Jyeah, it’s true. It’s my tears not my saliva or whatever. haha. Okayyy forget about that. I guess I should think it positive. Maybe it’s just the sign for me to keep on pretend our relationship from being ruin. And jyaeh I’m glad to say that I’m so proud to having him as my partner, my best friends, my scandal and etc. Haha. Hopefully, it’s just a beautiful nightmare that crossing in my dreams and it can’t never be in reality.

Till now I have to off. I should take a bath by now. Plus my tummy starts grumbling and maybe I have to cooked some breakfast/lunch for today. Btw, Thank you for reading this silly post even maybe I don’t ever know who you’re. Haha. Mkeyy, buhbye. Good morning everyone!!(erk, I think it’s should be afternoon right??haha.ok never mind.)


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