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Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank You for make my days Perfect

Hey hye hello.

Friday 4th December 2009

I’m hang out with Yanie, Mifzal, Epul and Danny. We’re going to Sunway Pyramid.
Jyeah we had fun there even I know that SPM is not really over and I have to take 4 more papers on next week..hahah. And now, I’m glad to say that I’m done for watching Twilight New Moon. Aww, it’s awesome!! I love your smile Edward! I can stop myself to think about him now. Seriously,he make my heart melted. Oh yeah, I’m also done buying my engineering drawing stuff. Huh, it’s make me more spacious when I already get my french curve and compasses.thee :) 

Okay, after watching we’re going to pizza hut and take our dinner. Jyeah and again we had fun. They always make me amused. We’re laughing, chatting, snapping and etc. Going back around 9 o’clock. Mifzal and Danny send me home! A plenty of thnks yaa!! :D oh, I’m sending this message to them after I’m arrived home

Fyquea: Thank you for make my day. thee. I love you guys! 

Hmm, let’s check it out what they replied for me....

Yanie: Did Danny tell you something?? I love you too.[Erk, such a weird right? But, never mind lah..]

Mifzal: No probs darl. Love you too. Muah2. [this is what I’m look (^_^)]

Epul: I’m so sorry.I’m not feeling well.And sorry again as if I’m not making us happy just now.Love you 2.[it’s okay get well soon jyaeh]

Danny: (silence)[*out of credit or maybe he was sleeping. haha]

Done for now, I think I have to stop. There a lot of work I need to complete. Gonna write some stories again on my next post. Thank you for keep on reading my blog dear blogger.

Lots of love,

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