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Sunday, September 27, 2009

let's countdown!!!

Check List of the Year

new year 2009

school began

sports day

merch test

handball match

late classes

july test

additional classes

mid term examinatoin




tution break

school break

school started

tution started


'gerak gempur' examination

solat hajat(SPM)



get ready.

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia


missing you!!

Intoducing my dearest sis


hey hoo..
Today,we had a longg conversation.
seriously,we're really missing her..

Dialog: Kak long,do take care yaa!!imysm!!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Syawal's Story

This year we celebrated Syawal in a very simple way..
we didn't goin back to kampung as we did every year before cz my sister and i
gonna have a big xmination + abah have no longer leave for hari raya..
so,we didn't snap much pictures..
here a lil bit story before hari raya and during hari raya to share wif you guys..

A Day Before Hari Raya

We made some cookies for hari raya..here's the pics of cookies that we made..is it looking nice and yummy??haha.

-pineapple tarts baked in oven

-it's ready to eat..yummy2!

-my favorite choc chips cookies..
aww..its awesome..haha

-Special made by my mama..
Dahlia Cookies..


not to forget

we also made cupcakes!!!

wanna look the whole cupcakes after it ready made???
wait for the next story..
haha..kasi suspen sikit..:D

During Hari Raya.

At the morning we,the whole family went to masjid for Sembahyang Sunat Hari Raya..
After that,we prepared the foods and stomach to eat..hahaha..ohh yaa..mama cooked rendang ayam,rendang daging mix with hati and paru,nasi impit,ketupat pulut and curry mee..
There's so much food eventhough not much people here..haha.
Luckily,my aunt from Perak came here to celebrate hari raya with us this year.haha.thnks aunt!!
So,it became merrier after we combined her whole family with us..
Abah's friends and near neighbours also came 'beraya' with us..haha..
haaaa!!wanna look our whole pics of cupcakes as I mentioned before??
scroll down...quick2!!hee..

-look!!theres our name!hee..
Fyka and Tira..

-im quite excited to show you all
since this is our first try to make cupcakes..
it might not looks really nice but the taste not really bad tau..
amacam,bole jual tak?? ;D

So,thats all for my Syawal's Story..
Even we celebrated it in a very simple way,we still had so much fun and hepy..
ohh I'm gonna off now.till we meet again in the next post..thee..

p/s: Im not uploaded our family pictures on hari raya cz not all fmly members are there..
to be fair so better i juz put my homemede cookies and cupcakes pics..
fair n square rite??haha..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dam Dum!!Raya..


Hari Raya is just around the corner.
It is a celebration that everyone is waiting for.
With new and colourful clothes
kids cheering for 'duit raya' and the best part is, the fooood....
can't wait for the rendang,ketupat,lemang n stuff.



16th Sept 2009

Trial finished!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Words

Friends and Best Friends..
True friends are not opportunists.
They don't help, because they have something to gain out of it.
True friendship is marked by selflessness.
Best friends support even each other, even if the whole world opposes them.
It is not easy getting true friends for the lifetime.
If you have even one true friend, consider yourself blessed.
all best friends are friends, but not all friends can be best friends.
In this world of cynics and back stabbers,
there are still some people who are worth being friends with.
They have to be recognized and respected for being best friends,
for the lifetime.
copyright from mel's blog!hee

long post andd longgg confession

12th September 2009

oke..its 10.10 pm now and i still cant sleep.ohh .
i cant describe how i feel ryte now.. duhhh!
im felt lyke my life goes to be miserable..
i've tried to stop think bout it but i can't.. huh!!
ouh yaa. today when im surf the web and on9 my myspace

i've founded sumthing thats makes my emotionally disturbed..
haha. its sound jerk but its true!!
when im open adam's page on myspace
i saw these words on his general side.

"Dear boochook(fyka)!!haha.how can I let you know that Im really want you to be here beside me.Im currently suck without you..I know that you've been busy with your studying..so I will not disturb you.how i wish when you've been reading dis ridiculous words,you will text me like before.I do miss all our precious moments together..yess its true..sincerely imysm!!!and I also...."

oke im copying this from his profile..
actly im just copy a lil bit of it.. haha..
when i've read this,my first reaction is.
'erkk?is that fo me??really?ohh..terharu!!"
then im laughing hysterically! hahahaha..
its kinda funny! ryte?
but honestly im appreciate it dear..hee :D thnx!! ngee~

oke adam's so now,here from me

"Dear mashamm..im really sory for ignore u..
i didn't mean it..i hope u understand wht i feel..
i need to concentrate on my studies..
as i told you before,trial is begin..
so i hve to be more serious on it and stop blogging,
myspace-ing,ym-ing,msg-ing and stuff..
but i promise you it wont be too long..
as you wish i will text you A.S.A.P
so that you can learn more Bahasa Melayu with me and
i also can learn more English Language with u..
not even that,we also can share all our stories lyke before..
i promise you..and yeah lastly i miss you too mashamm..yess i do!"

mybe sum of u think that this post are too ridiculous.. haha..
but im really sure that this post
will give a super massive meaning to him..
i hope he will read this post.
owh gtg..
im going to sleep..zzzz.

Friday, September 11, 2009



how should i tell you that you makes me annoyed??
seriously i cant stand any longer to became a fake person in front of you.
sory to say this but its true!
im not interested in what you're doing fo others.
thats between you with them..
and can you please stop making up stories bout us..
please stop bothering and blaming us for your own mistake.
i hate this soo much...
you know what?
your act juz like a slut..
sory for being rude cz you make me too!
and here i tell you please be careful with your game
cz wht goes around comes around..
yess i do, you're sooo good in this game but better careful
coz you're stepping on a wrong line..

dear fisher!!
get a life laa weyh!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


hey hoo!!
today i've got my
math and chemist paper.
i've done it well..
hope i can get A++ for it.
bhahaha.(poyo skejap)..
but i can't felt
comfortable for now
cz i hve 3 paper left
fo dis week anddd i hve
another one week
for my trial..owhh..
jadi setelah di kira2....
ermmm,my trial will
be finished 4 days
before aidilfitri ..

Sunday, September 6, 2009



this post is dedicated fo my sis

hey,tke a look sis.

aww.its nice ryte?

awww!!!im shopaholic..

i've brought a lots of stuff last day.
haha.i went to sunway pyramid with yanie and lyna
and we spend a lots of money there!haha
then we've goin to laksa shack for buka puasa..
ohh yaa,ktorg jumpa artist mana tah.
seriously his gf looks sooo annoyed.
jeling2 sana sini!
bangga la tu ad bf artist kan!!
hah,lantak kaw la wei!!
oke then after finished our food
we've went to bus stop and get a taxi
im arrived home about 9.30 pm.

-my new skinny jeans from voir.
*kakak comment sikit

-new shirt from dazzling

-here's my dazzling hand made t-shirt.
*ohh yanie dun be jelez!!haha
-my new bju kotak2.haha
*lynda,bwk brsabar!hee

-from lolipop.
*lyna,i noe u want it..grrr its pretty!!haa

-ohh i love this dress!
its from orange.

-all de stuff.
ohh yaa,look at the top of this pic
thats my new bag
from slick n' quick!


hey hoo!
its been a long time i didn't update my blog..
haha.currently im being busy with my study..
as i told you before im having a Peperiksaan Percubaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia..
awww,its suckkk!!!im felt like in hell..arghhh!!!
im very worried bout my add math and physics paper.
i hope can get the best result for this two paper.
ohh,i really hope for it!!

The Final Destination

i've done watch dis movie!

awww!its awesome!!

all i can say is

u hve to watch this horror plus thriller movie..


lots of gore in it!!!



Friday, September 4, 2009

trial oh trial!!!!

trial is begin..
dunnoe how to say
but seriously its quite tough!!!
wish me luck!
hope i can performed its well.

*t8 care bloggers!!